Monday, June 14, 2010

The lady is still perfect - 17 for 17

17 for 17. - the Queen is still undefeated in her career.

The Mighty "Z" has now passed the likes of the legendary Cigar in terms of consecutive wins. And some are still stupid enough to think that Rachel Alexandra should be mentioned in the same breath as Zenyatta. RA is not a champion - Zenyatta is the epitome of a champion. Watching this beautiful thoroughbred run reduces me to tears. She is truly an artist, as much as any painting hanging in a museum or gallery. She is soul, beauty and elegance personified. I have tickets to Del Mar to watch her this summer should she come to defend her title in the Hirsch Stakes which she's won the last two years.

For those of you watching this clip please note that "Z" is a come-from-behinder. She always starts at the back - that's her running style. Then when Mike Smith starts to manuever her into place and aske her for that amazing kick she has Miss "Z" turns it on and all that's left to do is celebrate yet another victory from this magnificent and beautiful athlete.

Below is another view of her Breeder's Cup Classic race last year when she bested the boys. The Breeder's Cup is the World Championship of Thoroughbred racing and the best horses in the world come to compete for 2 days in a variety of races (notice I said "the best in the world" - another reason Rachel Alexandria didn't participate - Jess Jackson knew his horse couldn't compete and win and that the world would see her for what she truly is so he ducked yet another race). The Classic is the "Big Kahuna" of the Breeder's Cup Championships - the "main event" and centerpiece - the most prestigious race to win in the Breeder's cup and the Zen Master is the first female to EVER win this race.

There's also some fun videos of her that show her prancing and dancing. The pre-race moves she does would be disconcerting when watching most horses as those moves might indicate something is amis. But that's not the case with Z - she's just strutting, prancing and dancing. Same with her post race moves - she's a ham :-). While you're watching the videos also remember just what a big girl she is - she's 17 hands high

When I get the time I think I'll enter a blog with video of all 17 of her wins - that will truly be a treat to watch.

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