Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How I Feel...

My body feels like the surfer's in the image above. For over 3 weeks I've had major calf cramps - you know the kind that wakes you out of a dead sleep and feels like the cramped area and pain is going to literally kill you. Every single day, for over 3 weeks, cramps 24/7. I've tried everything - hot packs, cold packs, rubbing the calf and leg, raising up and down on my toes, muscle lubricant, muscle relaxants, pain pills, bananas for potassium, all to no avail. I'm still residing in MAJOR PainLand and feel like I'm dying - I just want the pain to go away. Some commiseration would be nice. I may not know what a torn ACL feels like (well, actually I do) or passing a stone, as in kidney, feels like (hmm, again, yes I do) or a gall bladder attack (damn, again, been there- done that- had the bugger surgically removed), what a groin injury or a blinding migraine may feel like I can still be humane and human enough to offer commiseration and compassion. Whilst resolution of this malady that convinces me death would be a sweet relief from the pain may not be available it would be amazing to have some reassurance through love, commiseration and compassion that the rest of my days won't be filled with crushing, crippling, incapacitating, all-encompassing pain (either that or surgical extraction but since I'm grown accustomed to and am fond of having my limbs that's not an option).


  1. Could it be plantar fasciitis? Get a can of veggies, lay the can on its side, so it can roll. Put your foot on it, and roll the can with your foot (kind of in a rocking motion).

    If it helps at all, then it might be plantar fasccitis.

    The best thing that has worked for me is to wear Crocs 24/7. If I'm vertical, the Crocs are on my feet. No more pain for me.

  2. Thanks for the advice - I'll try the veggie can, see how it works and let you know. I've never worn Crocs - right now I'm wearing those Shape-Ups shoes - but I might have to meander down to a store that offers Crocs.