Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying to see all the movies nominated for Best Picture before the Academy Awards - saw Hugo last eve

Saw Hugo in 3D last evening - Martin Scorsese has created a wonderful piece. Many people thought this was a children's film so they stayed away from it. Wrong move. It's not a children's film - it's Scorsese's homage to film making and cinema and is a true delight. Whilst the piece does have a 12 year old protagonist the film intertwines his story with that of Georges Méliès (and if you don 't know who Méliès is you should be ashamed of your lack of knowledge about early cinema). It's set in 1930s Paris and does a great job of establishing context. Also, Scorsese really shows his chops with creating a 3D film and it's no wonder this film has been nominated for so many awards. This is just a lovely lovely film worth seeing and, interesting side note, Johnny Depp is one of the producers - I didn't know that until the credits came up and was an added bonus (at least for me since I'm a big fan of Depp). Try to see it in 3D rather than not.

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