Monday, February 27, 2012

Back from the land of Walt...Again

Disneyland again last weekend - went up Friday and came back Sunday morning. Gotta make full use of the Annual Passport I purchased. Stayed at Disney's Grand California Hotel & Spa and a grand time was had. This Wednesday, in honor of leap year, the park is going to be open from 6AM Wednesday until 6AM Thursday - although I have classes Wednesday going up after classes may be a possibility. Whilst some - and I'm not naming names - poo poo Disneyland it's always lots o fun. Plus it provides great cardio with all the walking - I wore my pedometer and I walked well over 6 miles each day - of course some of those calories were replinished during happy hour and dinner...

In any event, great fun.

As an added bonus I batted 100% on my Oscars prediction - yea me, I won the pool :-)

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