Saturday, April 24, 2010

Exactly 1 week until my "Christmas"

Exactly one week from today the sound of the trumpet announcing the trek to the post for the thoroughbreds to "run for the roses". The Kentucky Derby 'tis my "Christmas" and it lasts for over 5 weeks as The Preakness is run 2 weeks after the Derby and The Belmont is run 3 weeks after The Preakness. Let's all hope and pray that the thoroughbred horse gods and the equine Santa reward me handsomely (think BIG $$) on May 1st (I've been good so "Santa" should be kind!).

And to get all in the mood for the Derby below is Secretariat's (the best thoroughbred of ALL time) Kentucky Derby. Though he starts at the back of the pack remember he ran each quarter faster than the previous - his time 0f 1:59 2/5 still stands today and will never be broken. From a payoff standpoint it wasn't great because Secretariat was the "chalk". However, from an artistic standpoint "Big Red" was beauty and art in motion - Pegasus in flight couldn't been any better. It's as if the gods delivered this magnificient once-in-a-lifetime blessing. He was just that - a once-in-a-lifetime gift. Secretariat was, is, and will always be the best thoroughbred of all time - bar none. But more importantly, he was beauty in its truest form and watching him in action is akin to drinking nectar from the gods. Secretariat was perfection, he was dignity, he was grace, he was that spirit we should all aspire to.

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