Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rain or Shine - Tomorrow's the Day!

Tomorrow is the big day - the culmination of our "March for California's Future" march. We will march the last mile to the Capitol with our core marchers who walked the entire 400 miles/48 days and have a massive rally with the rest of California that will send a message not only to the "Governator" (wherever he may be hiding tomorrow) as well as the rest of the nation. Many of my students flew to Sacramento today and many are carpooling at 3:30 AM tomorrow - I am so proud of their commitment to not only their own futures but the future of California.

We're flying up in the morning and flying back late (and I mean late - I think we're on the second to the last flight) tomorrow evening.

The video below should inspire anyone who cares about not just California, but the entire United States. Don't think for one minute that this issue is only California's problem - for it can happen to you and your state just as easily. If you are able to join us tomorrow please do so (dress in layers and bring your umbrella - it's raining right now with an 80% chance of continued rain and showers tomorrow). Please don't be a person who "sits and bitches", be a person who "gets up and stands up". Or, to use the eloquent words of Gandhi - "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

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