Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Behind The Scenes of Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King Album That Came Out Today

This is a great CD that finds DMB returning to form. It is also a fitting tribute to LeRoi Moore (founding member and saxophonist who died from complications following an ATV accident in 2008. "GrooGrux" was LeRoi's nickname. He had been expected to recover from his injuries and Jeff Coffin from Bela Fleck's Flecktones was filling in for him while the band was on tour - the tour where the band heard of Moore's unexpected death. This CD hadn't been completed before LeRoi's accident and he does play on some of the tracks although the album credits don't note which tracks he played on and which tracks he didn't. In fact, he opens and closes the CD - note that on the last cut you need to let it play all the way through - there is some blank airtime from the end of the vocals to the start of LeRoi finishing the piece. After Moore died Coffin played on the unfinished tracks and does justice to both Leroi and the band).
Although Moore isn't on the entire album his spirit is found in every note and every word.
Dave Matthews drew the detailed artwork for the CD cover, as well as the drawings found in the super deluxe edition (as Matthews says in the DVD, "all I used to was draw until I got interrupted by playing music") .
Pick up this album - it is an elegant tribute to a fallen friend- you won't be disappointed.
The link above takes you to scenes from the DVD that comes with the CD (if you buy the special edition). Before the piece airs you'll get a choice to see one commercial and then the special uninterrupted or to see multiple commericals. Pick the first choice - one commercial and the uninterrupted special. The special (not the commercial) is 29 minutes so get your favorite adult beverage or whatever it is you have whenever watching visuals and get comfortable.