Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ocean Soul

An amazing piece showing the world's best tow-in/big wave surfer becoming one with the ocean. Watching the grace, beauty and soul of the waves is inspiring and brings tears to my eyes whilst enveloping my entire being. If you have any heart and any soul at all you see how this experience helped Laird "soften some hard corners in his life". We all need to soften our own hard corners and find our peace and who better to help than Mother Nature? We can't all surf those big waves but we can all sit at the ocean's shore and allow those waves to meld into our souls. We can all be peaceful. We can all be gentle whilst walking gently on this planet. We can all be appreciative of what we have. We can all allow our hearts to speak. We can all realize that we deserve to be loved and have the love we give mean something. We can all be human. We can all eliminate the b.s. and just "be".

The clip is from the film Riding Giants.

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