Thursday, December 17, 2009


If Zenyatta doesn't get "horse of the year" then the awards are friggin' fixed and Jess Jackson used his considerable wealth to buy the award for Rachel Alexandra because there is NO WAY IN HELL Rachel Alexandra can hold a candle to Zenyatta. Having never lost a race in her career, Zenyatta has a perfect lifetime win ratio (something R.A. doesn't). And, that asshole Jess Jackson a) wouldn't run Rachel Alexandra against Zenyatta (becuae he knew Zenyatta will crush R.A.); b) he skipped the Breeder's Cup and, again, ducked out on an opportunity to run R.A. against Zenyatta and c)after the Triple Crown he picked softer races for her to run in because he knew she couldn't win against stiffer competition.

In any event, watch one of the BEST horse races in current history as Zenyatta just slams it in the Breeder's Cup Classic race (The Breeder's Cup is the World Thoroughbred Championships - sorta like the Super Bowl for thoroughbreds except there's 2 days worth of championship races in every division and the "best of the best" come from all over the world to compete). The Breeder's Cup Championship IS the BIG KAHUNA in the world of thoroughbred racing and the Breeder's Cup Classic is THE showcase race, being worth $5 million - yes, that's right - the Classic is a $5 million race. And Zenyatta faced the "boys" in one of the deepest Classic fields in years and while she runs last for a bit of the race when she's ready to go she just gets up and blows away the competition - just friggin' nails them.

So, sit back and watch this AMAZING race as the AMAZING Zenyatta runs her streak to 14 for 14 and ends her career in just amazingfrickinstyle.

Watch all the proferred videos as they all have something to offer - WATCH ALL OF THE EACH VIDEO.

I wept like a baby watching this race when it ran live, I still gets tears and a lump in my throat every time I watch it and if you have any soul at all so will you. Just a beyond words demostration of art in motion.

Following is a great extended pre-race video as Zenyatta dances for the crowd:

The race and post-race comments/reactions:

The race by itself:

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